The breeding area


For ducks:

In the centre of the 2.000 mē area for ducks and little sociable geese

there is an artificial pond overgrown with reed and water lilies .




In the garden around the pond I have laid out some small plastic or

aluminium ponds, where the pairs can withdraw during the breeding period.




As soon as the first ducklings of the year are hatched, most of these ponds

are closed off one by one as rearing area for some weeks. When the rearing

season is over the enclosures are removed.


For geese:

Bigger and unsociable geese are kept in a fruit garden of about 3.000 mē

with a small pond.

The turf is still in good condition due to the size of this garden.

Some isolated enclosures for very unsociable geese are planned.



In this garden I also keep a gaggle of free flying Graylag Geese. They fly many kilometres around the area, but they only land in this garden or in the ducks’ pond. Only in early spring, before they start hatching, they also visit the surrounding grassland and fields, but all their nests are within this garden.